Preservation of archival photos of Belarus and
formation of family photo archives.
An independent informal initiative group of artists VEHA is a well-known actor in the field of archival photography verbal history preservation and popularization in Belarus.
VEHA also promotes respect for old family photos and preserves people`s photo archives.

Initiative was created in 2016 and a lot of work was done during that years: carried out a series of master-classes and lectures, we took part, in 2017 and 2018, in the festival The Month of Photography in Minsk and put together two photo collections which has more than 300 pictures and are still growing.
The result of the project "The Nailepshy Bok / The Best Side" was publication of a book with images of the collection which was supplemented by the articles of experts in ethnography and visual research.

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who was constantly with us and those who took part in the formation of the collections as well as helping VEHA at different stages of existence.

Nowadays our team has a lot of new plans and projects on which we are work diligently. And, above all, a new VEHA platform is developing now and we will be moving there soon. Meanwhile, on social media you will find all news about us and our projects!

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Retaining personal story we preserve the history that relates to each of us - the real history of Belarus.
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